Q-1 Prepare a project on COVID – 19 covering following points:  
( i ) Outbreak of COVID-19  ( ii ) Prevention and controlling of COVID-19  ( iii ) Impact of the disease on environment and human beings  ( iv ) Description of various facts related the epidemic by different types of the graphs  ( v ) Treatment  ( vi ) Role of Corona Warriors 

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  1. Viruses have varying abilities to infect people. For COVID-19, everyone with the virus can continue to infect around 2.5 people. If each of these people set about their day as normal, and infect another 2.5 people, within a month, 406 people would be infected just from that first infection.
  2. The answer seems to be precise because the new coronavirus is a smaller amount deadly – thousands of individuals with either no symptoms or very mild symptoms are spreading the virus unaware that they were even infected. this suggests that before health experts were conscious of the matter and began to recommend control measures, the virus had already spread to multiple countries.
  3. In the absence of treatment or a vaccine, ceasing most human contact is the sole thanks to stopping the spread of the virus. Essentially, the fewer contact people have with one another, the less the virus can spread. Given the rapid spread of the virus, social lockdown is urgent to bring overall transmission down, and see whether testing followed by isolation might be effective – this is often beat an effort to ‘flatten the curve’ or reduce infections and spread cases out over an extended time-frame to avoid overwhelming health systems.
  4. Since the new coronavirus can spread unnoticed so easily, many governments have felt the simplest thanks to ensuring people have minimal contact with one another is to order total lockdowns, with people only being allowed to go away to urge food or medicine and to practise social distancing once they do leave their houses. Countries that had epidemics first, like China and South Korea, have brought cases down dramatically through widespread testing and social distancing.
  5. The rationale thing to do is to make sure that folks with a significant illness can seek medical aid, and people who are infectious but asymptomatic or have mild illness don’t pass it on to anyone else.
  6. Hence, a lockdown is necessary and Quarantine itself refers to 40 days of no contact. The lockdown is our only power of defence until a vaccine has been created.
Positive effects-
1) We can concentrate on our own lives and take care of ourselves instead of the daily hectic routine practices.
2) We get to know our family better and spend more time with them which we rarely did before.
3) We get time to self-introspect our decisions and explore our potentials.
4) We can talk to friends and take classes on video calls so nothing much has changed.
Negative effects-
1) Staying at home all day can make us feel irritated.
2) One can no longer go out and play to feel refreshed.
3) There is no income as the jobs are at hold, so the economy is dropping, people are barely able to manage their household.
4) Getting stuff from shops is difficult.

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