Q.1. Read the passage given below: 8 Marks Big, bold and beautiful, the Rafflesia arnoldii boasts the title of the largest flower in the world and can grow to massive proportions, with a flower diameter of up to one meter (three feet) and a hefty weight of up to 11 kilograms (24 lbs). It might seem like a great gift for that special someone except that it's nicknamed the corpse flower and smells like rotting meat, so may not be quite as endearing as expected. Resembling the coiled tentacles of an octopus up close, the stinky flower leaves such a lasting impression that it was once described by Swedish zoologist Eric Mjöberg in 1928 as having “a penetrating smell more repulsive than any buffalo carcass in an advanced stage of decomposition.” Nice. Technically a plant, although it has no leaves, stems or roots that the eye can see, the corpse flower relies on its strong perfume to attract insects that help with pollination. The other not so pleasant qualities of the flower are its parasitic tendencies; by living off the water and nutrients from the hapless Tetrastigma vine, the corpse flower is able to grow as large as it does. And whether it's considered a beauty, beast, or both, the lure of this bewitching flower is hard to resist. However, to be successful in a quest to find it, a few stars need to align. Found only in the dwindling rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo, pollination is rare and the bud death rate is high at 80-90%. The few buds that actually bloom take many months to do so, and when they do they last no more than a few days before dying. The good news is that there are great conservation efforts in place to protect the habitat of the Rafflesia species so future generations can experience the sight and smell of the largest flower on Earth. (314 words) Page 2 of 7 On the basis of your reading of the passage answer the following questions: 1. Why is Rafflesia called the largest flower in the world? 1 2. What is the nickname given to Rafflesia and why? 1 3. Why cannot Rafflesiat be used as a gift for someone? 1 4. How is its smell useful for the flower? 1 5. Why is Rafflesia called a parasite? 1 6. Where are the flowers Rafflesia generally found? 1 7. Why is a Rafflesia in full bloom a rare sight? 1 8. What efforts are being done to protect the flower and why? 1 VSAQ – 1 MARK Q.2. Read the passage given below: 12 Marks According to a survey, out of the world’s hundred richest people today, 27 are heirs and 73 are self-made. Of the self made 18 have no college degrees and 36 are children of poor parents, but some billionaires had neither a degree nor wealthy parents. In other words, super-achievers are not born, they are self- made people. It is not external favour that makes one a super-achiever, but one’s own struggle. Super achievement is not got through inheritance, but is self- acquired success. No one is a born billionaire, but everyone is a potential billionaire. It is the unfolding of one’s own potential that makes one a billionaire or super achiever. Nature does not discriminate between one person and another. Nature’s gifts come to everyone equally. It is the receiver himself who either utilizes them or not. So called deprived persons are in fact privileged persons. Their state of deprivation serves as inner motivation when they see others are progressing, it creates a strong incentive in their mind. It is this incentive that makes a person super. It inculcates strong urge in the individual to make something of his life. Any state of deprivation brings about a kind brainstorming which enhances inner spirit. They enter the world of competition working to their full capacity. They develop the spirit of do or die. It is this spirit that leads them to success. There are numerous examples of one rising to a high position through one’s own struggle, while one’s children might have turned ‘dull’. The reason is simple. The parent started his life with Page 3 of 7 the spirit of discontent; while his children started their lives with contentment. This reason is responsible for the difference between parents and children. One who is born into a poor family and achieves success by way of struggle achieves one more thing, which is more important than wealth i.e. intellectual development. His circumstances automatically develop an intellectual struggle in his mind. This struggle unfolds his inner capacity, and consequently he emerges an intellectually developed person. The laws of nature are greater than everything else. They are eternal they cannot be changed. The law of nature in this regard says that it is not ease but difficulty, effort not facility makes achievers out of ordinary people. So the future is full of hope and opportunity! (390 words) 5. Identify the meaning of the word ‘potential’. (para 2) 1 a. Latent qualities b. prospective c. possible d. probable 6. Identify a word which means same as ‘incentive’. (para 2) 1 a. motivation b. enticement c. consideration d. temptation 7. Identify a word which means the same as ‘discontent’? (para 4) 1 a. struggle b. dissatisfaction c. deprivation d. discrimination 8. Identify a word which means the same as ‘eternal’? (para 6) 1 a. intellectual b. ephemeral c. everlasting d. incentive SAQ – 2 MARKS 1. How can deprived people become privileged people? 2 2. How do the children of some successful parents become ‘dull’ according to the writer of this passage? 2 Page 4 of 7 3. Why does intellectual development take place faster in children of ‘poorer parents’? 2 4. What is the message the author is trying to give in this passage? 2 SECTION B WRITING and GRAMMAR-15+10=25 MARKS LAQ – II – 5 MARKS Q. 3. According to the latest survey by UNICEF, almost half of all children under the age of three are under weight. Malnutrition is one of the biggest challenges the country is facing. Despite many schemes implemented by the government the situation is quite grim. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about malnutrition and importance of counselling the parents about junk food and right eating habits. (100-120 words) 5 Marks Or The government has taken an initiative for cleaning the rivers especially the Ganges. The government has also urged the people of India to realize the dream of a ‘Clean India’. Write an article in about 100-120 words mentioning the measures people can take a cleaner and greener country. VLAQ – 10 MARKS Q. 4. Nelson Mandela once said, “The greatest glory in living lies not, in never falling, but in rising every time you fall.” Write a short story about someone who failed at something but found the strength to get up, fight back and be successful. 10 Marks Or You move to a new house in a new locality. When you go to school and introduce yourself to your classmates they gasp in shock and horror when you tell them your address… Write in about 150-200 words what had happened after you mentioned your address GRAMMAR VSAQ – 1 MARK Q. 5. Read the passage given below and fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate word from the given options. 3 Marks The quality _________(a)quantity of sleep depend among other factors ______(b) the synchronization _________ (c)the body's internal clock with a sleeping and waking schedule. a) a. and b. on c. Of d. or Page 5 of 7 b) a. and b. on c. of d. or c) a. and b. on c. of d. or VSAQ – 1 MARK Q. 6. The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line against which a blank has been given. Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet against the correct blank number as given in the example. Remember to underline the word that you have supplied. 4 Marks In ancient times there was a rich and powerful king who rule over E.g. rule ruled a vast kingdom. Pratap Singh was her advisor as well as close friend. a) Caravan-loads brought daily wealth of his capital and his kingdom b) was well administered by his ministers for guidance of Pratap Singh. c) The only irritation the king sometimes suffered were to see the ills of d) Famine, epidemic and wars. VSAQ – 1 MARK Q. 7. Rearrange the following words or phrases into meaningful sentences. One has been done for you as an example. 3 Marks 1. that kids/ offers/ Dili Haat/ of culture/ love/ a colorful dose e.g Dili Haat offers a colorful dose of culture that kids love. 2. from all/ Craftsmen/ over India /come to/ at stalls here/ their wares/ sell/ 3. food court /can try/ different/ food /One/ from/ regions in India/ at the. 4. cultural /there /performances/ are /folk dances /regular/ including. Page 6 of 7 Section C Literature/Textbooks and Long Reading texts- 25 Marks VSAQ – 1 MARK Q. 8. Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: 3x1= 3 Marks I think I could turn and live with the animals, they are so placid and self contained; I stand and look at them long and long. They do not sweat and whine about their condition; a) What does the poet mean by ‘turn’? b) Why does the poet want to live with animals? c) What are the poet’s feelings for human beings? Or Suddenly she was startled by a voice. "Listen, child," said the voice, "you shouldn't stand like that. Sit down.” Sitting down, she looked to see who had spoken. It was an elderly man who had honestly been concerned for her, but she was annoyed by his attention. a) Why did Valli stand up? b) Why was Valli annoyed by the elderly man? c) What is the meaning of the word ‘concerned’? SAQ - 2 MARKS Q.9. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each. 4x2=8 Marks a) What is the legend about tea’s quality to banish sleep? b) Why was Kisa sad? What did Gautama Buddha tell her? c) Why did Matilda not like to visit her friend Mme Forestier’s house? d) What impression did the lawyer form of New Mullion on his first visit? LAQ-4 MARKS Q. 10. Long answer Question- 4 Marks Having pets is not just a pastime it is a big responsibility. Comment with reference to the story “Mijbil, the Otter”, bringing out the values one needs to have to keep animals as pets. Page 7 of 7 Or Chekov has used humour and exaggeration in his play to comment on marriage and courtship in his times. Illustrate with examples from the lesson “The Proposal”. Also mention the values you think any healthy relationship requires. VLAQ – 10 MARKS Q. 11. Option – A - The Diary of Anne Frank 10 Marks The conflict in the novel “The Diary of Anne Frank” is both external as well as internal. Comment and illustrate with example from the text. Or I’ve reached the point where I hardly care whether I live or die. Fourteen year old Anne Frank makes this statement. Based on your reading of the novel Discuss what does it say about her state of mind and her life? Option – B - The Story of My Life Helen has been criticized for using the last chapter as a list of all the people who made a difference in her life. Do you think it is an appropriate conclusion to her autobiography? Comment on the basis of your reading of the novel. Or Helen’s feelings towards the Bible move from, “Somehow it failed to interest me” to, “I love it as I love no other book”. Comment on this change in Helen’s attitude towards Bible and how does it take place?

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A rainy day in summer bring relief to all human beings and also on animals. All farmer welcome the rain because it gives new life for his crops. Children come out to play on the overflowing streets. They splash water. Elders took tea and gossip in the cool breeze

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