Q.1 The author of ‘A Baker from Goa’, Lucio Rodrigues cherishes the traditional

practices in Goa ; making of ‘bol’ cakes and bolinhas putting on kabai by bakers
etc. Do you think our traditions- heritage, values and practices are the roots that
nourish us? Why/why not?
Q.2 Instead of enjoying their childhood the children today are keen to enter
adulthood. After reading about all the joys that the author Lucio Rodrigues had in
his childhood do you think such a keenness on the part of children is desirable ?
Q.3 The Coorgies are thousands of miles away from their origin ; Greece & Arab. Yet
they carry on their unique values, customs and practices. Does this make them
appreciable to you ?

1)  A Baker from Goa highlights the importance of the traditional practice of making breads for every occasion and festival of the Goan people. This tradition continues even today. This shows how our traditional practices can keep us to our past and heritage.
Traditional values shape our personality and also provide us emotional support. They enable us to face difficult situations and makes us mentally strong. Traditional practices also have an impact on our behavioral pattern towards the other people in society.

2) I dont think that the keenness of the children these days to enter adulthood is desirable. Children these days are in a hurry to enter adulthood and have access to technology. Due to this they are learning things earlier than usual and getting matured beyond their age.
Hence, they are losing out their childhood and missing the joys that it brings with it. As per my thinking, they should grow at a slow pace and enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Children who miss out on their childhood cannot be a complete adult. So, they should not hurry up to be an adult and grow at natures pace.

 Hope this helps you.
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1)Yes, I think that our traditions, heritage, values and practices are the roots that nourish us. They shape our personality and provide us with emotional support. They make us mentally strong and enable us to face a difficult situation. They even impact our behavioural pattern towards the other people in the society. The story highlights the importance of the traditional practice of making breads at every occasion. This shows that bread is an important part of the Goan life that continues even today. Thus, our traditional practices keep our past heritage alive and nourishes us.
2)The author has spent some joyous and quality time in his childhood.the children should enjoy their childhood more and not be keen to grow into adulthood as they will surely miss their childhood once they grow up.

Unlike adults, children can find joy in small things like not brushing their teeth before eating the goodies brought by the baker. Even the sound of the baker's arrival is enough to excite the little ones.Adults however cannot experience this sort of joys simply because they have to observe social etiquettes and mannerisms. Children are free from the formalities of society and so can enjoy life to the fullest. This innocence and freedom is gradually lost as children grow into adults. Therefore, though children are often desperate to grow up, they do not realise what they stand to lose.

3) Yes, this does make them appreciable to me. I feel that it is important to follow the traditional practices. The reason is that it has kept the tradition of Coorgis known to the people even today. If the people of Coorg had not followed it, their tradition would have perished. Nobody, would have remembered them today without their culture and traditional practices

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