Q.1 The principle ‘forgive and forget’, helps a lot in maintaining cordial relations with

our neighbors. Do you think Anton Chekov conveys this message in the play ‘The
Proposal’ ?
Q.2 The characters Natalya and Lomov lose their temper on trivial issues. It shows their
poor skills at anger management. Suggest some ways that help you in maintaining
cordial relationship with people around you.
Q.3 It is a common observance that more attention is paid to unimportant issues at the
cost of important ones. The play ‘The Proposal’ beautifully portrays this fact.
Suggest some steps how we can avoid this unhealthy practice

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Answer 2.

It is very important to maintain cordial relationship with people in and around us. It is not necessary that the mentality of every individual would match. However, one should be a good listener and should never be judgmental. No one's opinion should be mocked at. Every decision or opinion should be revered. Communication skill using right diction, correct gestures and proper behavior patterns is necessary for maintaining a proper decorum in a societal set up. 


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