Q.1. The students of today are becoming couch potatoes due to their excess TV viewing habit. This has a negative effect not only on their health, but overall personality. Write an article, expressing your views on the same.

Dear Student,
An article has three parts – the introduction, body, and the conclusion. Please find below a sample introductory paragraph and ideas to help you develop the body and the conclusion of the article on your own. Such questions help you develop your writing skills and your creativity, so I really hope you attempt it on your own.
A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the more hours children spent watching TV, the more likely they were to be both fatter and less physically active. It seems that every extra hour per day spent watching television is associated with around 1 kg increase in body fat. Such statistics are pretty shocking and bare the reality of the harmful effects of excessive TV viewing. In this article, I strive to bring out the various adverse effects excessive TV viewing has on not only physical health, but also on emotional wellbeing and on one’s overall personality.
Body of the article
Negative effects of television well documented – violent behaviour, reduction in reading and other physical activities, increased obesity, negative effect on both sleep duration and sleep quality.
Expand on the above points to flesh out your article.
Connect the above to a person’s emotional well being and overall personality development – lack of confidence, inferiority complexes, lack of social skills because of no interaction with others
Parents to be made more aware – they need to become stricter – limit screen time – encourage playing outside – ban TV inside bedroom – stop snacking while watching TV
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