Q.1. What is communalism? How is communalism a hindrance in the functioning of our democracy. Explain.

Dear Student,
Communalism is an ideology shared by a specific group of people that promotes the belief that a particular religious group has more differences than similarities with other groups.

Communalism can hinder the functioning of our democracy in the following ways.

1. Democracy is based on the concept of equality of all citizens. But communalism favour members of some particular religion and, therefore, violates the principle of equality.

2. Due to communalism, some people become second class citizens. Such people will not be able to vote in elections freely and fairly. They would not be able to express their views without fear. A healthy democracy cannot function in such an environment.

3. For democracy to function, there must be peace in society and trust among the citizens. But communalism spreads far and mistrust in society and can lead to violence in the form of riots. Democracy cannot exist in such a violent atmosphere.

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