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Q:13 Please help me. ERCISE- 12B rem•ts with • Write (c) ethyl bromide. Write a balanced equation for the same. 12. What is pyrolysis or cracking Explain with an 13. Convert (a) Methane into chloroform. (b ) Sodium acetate into methane , (c) Methyl iodide into ethane, (d) Aluminium carbide into methane. 14. Give three uses of : (b) ethane. (a) methane, 15. Under what conditions does ethane get convened (a) ethyl alcohol, (b) acetaldehyde, (c) acetic acid. inter-relationship of methane, meth)l

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The answer for the following questions as follows; 
 CH4Cl2CH3ClCl2CH2Cl2Cl2CHCl3 (chloroform) CH3COONa + NaOH 3000C, CaOCH4 + Na2CO32CH3Cl + 2Na ether, wurtz reactionC2H6 + 2NaIAl4C3 + 12H2O  4Al(OH)3 + 3CH4


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