Q.15. Write the applications of the dipole moment.

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The measurement of dipole moment helps in distinguishing between polar and non-polar molecules. Non-polar molecules have zero dipole moment while polar molecules have some value of dipole moment.

For example:

Non-polar molecules: O2, Cl2, BF3, CH4

Polar Molecules: HF (1.91 D), HCl (1.03 D), H2S (0.90 D)
  • Dipole moment measurement gives an idea about the degree of polarity in a diatomic molecule. The greater the dipole moment the greater is the polarity in such a molecule.
  • Dipole moment is used to find the shapes of molecules. This is because the dipole moment not only depends upon the individual dipole moment of the bonds but also on the arrangement of bonds.
  • Dipole moment gives an idea about the ionic character in a bond or a molecule. Larger is the dipole moment, higher is it's ionic character.

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