Q.2 Instead of enjoying their childhood the children today are keen to enter

adulthood. After reading about all the joys that the author Lucio Rodrigues had in
his childhood do you think such a keenness on the part of children is desirable ?

It is recommended that students should fame such answers using their own opinions. However, a sample answer has been provided for your reference:

Although the keenness to grow up is desirable for the children but, the beautiful memories of childhood days should not be compromised on. This is  because these memories are worth relishing throughout one's lifetime. Childhood memories define our roots.They give us a sense of belonging to our culture and tradition. In the chapter, the author, author Lucio Rodrigues also feels nostalgic about the carefree days of his childhood.  He describes the rich cultural tradition of Goa comprising of which making and eating bread forms an important part. Even as a grown up, he still recalls the typical fragrance of bread loaves. Therefore, childhood should be lived and enjoyed by every individual to the fullest.

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