Q-21 Q-19 Twovectors Ä and É are at right angles to each other, when (B) Ä-É-O Q-20 land then (A) VI is parallel to V2 (C) VI and V2 are mutually perpendicular (D) Ä.É=O Q-21 A force 3j)Newton is applied Over a particle which displaces it from its origin to the point (2i — Ij) metres. The work done on the particle is (C) +7 joules (B) +13 joules 7 joules Q-22 The angle between two vectors Qi +35 + i and i + 2j—4ü is (A) 00 (B) 900 (C) 18(Y (D) +11 joules O (D) None of the above Q-23 The angle between the vectors (i + j) and (j + É) is o (B) 450 (C) 600 (D) 90b Q-24 A particle moves with a velocity 6i—4j+3Ém/s under the influence of a constant force

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     Q 21  Force applied on the particle,F=5i+3j, from origin to r=2i-j Work done=F.dS where dS is the displacement W=(5i+3j).(2i-j)W=10-3=7J  Option (c)Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic. If you have any more doubts just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible.  Regards

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