Q-24 ) A r 3)) Newton i' n jt to — the is 7 joules joules +7 joule' Q ZZ 'Ibenngiebetweentwovet:fot. ood (C) 10 Q•Z3 between the (j ond (j L) particle moves with o velocity aim/ sunder the influence a conttant fort.e • 20; — N, The initanioneouti power applied the particle 45 J/s 35 Q-25 angle between p and i' 195 JL Two constant forces - 3B (N) and (N) act on body and displace position (m) to the position 10] What is the work done None o! these

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                       we know power=F.v=(20i^+15j^-5k^).(6i^-4j^+3k^)=120-60-15=45WorJ/s


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