Q.3. A safety week was organized in your school. Write an article for the school magazine highlighting the importance of following safety rules and suggesting that children can enforce adults to follow traffic rules and regulations. (150 words)

Dear Student,
Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer.
  • A citizen who is aware of his right and freedom should also be aware about his duties and responsibilities to the nation.
  • Only when both these are understood, can there be development and progress in the nation.
  • It is important to obey the traffic rules as it will ensure the safety of the people on the road.
  • It will guarantee of the pedestrians as well as those who commute using vehicles.
  • It will also lead to a decrease in accidents and deaths.
  • Children can talk to their adults and convince them about the examples they can set forward for the coming generations.
  • They should also impress in the heart of the adults their significance in their life and how accidents and death can create a void that none can fill.
  • It will help the adults to understand the irresponsibility from their part.
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