Q.3 Name one each of acidic, basic and neutral substances.

Q.4 What are the general properties of an acid and a base?Q.5 What is an indicator? Give examples of two natural indicators?Q.6 What is an acid rain? How is it formed? Mention three bad effects of acid rain.Q.7 Name four substances that can serve as indicators.Q.8 Turmeric indicator does not indicate whether the substance is acidic or neutral. Is thestatement true? Explain.Q.9 What is the color of litmus paper which changes its color in acidic solution?Q.10 If few drops of purple-cabbage juice are added to the colorless solution of an acidicmaterial. What would be the color of the resulting solution?Q.11 A few drops of china rose indicator are added to the colorless solution of a chemicalthe resulting solution will become light green. What does it indicate about the natureof the chemical? Q.12 What is a neutralization reaction? Does a neutralization reaction always result in theformation of neutral salt?Q.13 Write a note on uses of bases.Q.14 You are given three unknown liquids an acid other is a base and third is a neutralsubstance. How will you classify the given liquids as acidic, basic and neutral?Q.15 An acidic material is mixed with an equivalent amount of a basic material.(i) What is the reaction called?(ii) What products are formed?Q.16 Explain why(i) Great care should be taken while handling Laboratory acids and bases.(ii) Acidic soil is treated with a base and basic soil is treated with organic matter.Q.17 How is a salt formed?Q.18 What happens when metals and non-metals combine with Oxygen?Q.19 Nancy a class-VII student was performing an experiment in the Chemistry lab. Herteacher instructed her1) Not to waste/smell chemicals2) Not to dispose off all chemicals in the sink.3) Not to mix chemicals haphazardly for example, never add water to acid todilute it; always add acid slowly to water.Why did the teacher advice Nancy to follow the above safety measures?HOTS QUESTIONSQ.1 If you get Turmeric stain on your clothes while eating food, and try to wash it off withsoap, the stain becomes red. Why? Find out how to remove haldi stains from clothes.Q.2 Is the meaning of weak acid the same as that of dilute acid?Q.3 The waste of many factories contain acids. Why is it considered necessary toneutralize them before allowing the waste to flow into water bodies.?

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5. https://www.meritnation.com/ask-answer/question/what-is-natural-indicator/some-basic-concepts-of-chemistry/75

6. https://www.meritnation.com/ask-answer/question/what-is-acid-rain-and-what-is-its-effect/acids-bases-and-salts/5384951

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Can u give them one by one .

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liquids have no definite shape.

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Hereis the answer for the first question

Q3.Acidic- Citric acid present in fruits like lemon.

Basic- Baking powder

Neutral- Salt

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Ans 5: Special substances that have different colours in different mediums is called an indicator. It is used to test if a substance is basic or acidic.

Ans 12: The reaction of an acid with a base is called neutrilization reaction. In the process water and salt are produced with the volution of heat. A neutrilization reaction does not always result in neutral salt. It can be basic or acidic.

eg: Potassium hydroxide + Sulphuric acid = Potassium Sulphate (Salt) + Water

Here, Potassium Sulphate is a base.

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Q1. The following are the examples of acidic, basic and neutral substances:
ACIDIC- Hydrochloric acid
BASIC- Sodium Hydroxide
NEUTRAL- Salt, water
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Acidic=hydrocloric acid.
Base= sodiam hydroxide.
Nutrial= salty water
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Please ask question properly......
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Q 11 the solution is base
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Name one acidic basic and neautral substance
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