Q.3 The Coorgies are thousands of miles away from their origin ; Greece & Arab. Yet

they carry on their unique values, customs and practices. Does this make them
appreciable to you ?

It is recommended that students should fame such answers using their own opinions. However, a sample answer has been provided for your reference:

Yes, it is appreciable that the Coorgies carry their unique values, customs and practices away from their origin. According to the author, the fiercely independent people of Coorg are possibly of Greek or Arabic descent. These people married amongst the locals and their culture is evident in the martial traditions, marriage and religious rites, which are distinct from the Hindu mainstream. The Kodavus wear a long, black coat, with an embroidered waist-belt, known as kuppia. It resembles the kuffia worn by the Arabs and the Kurds, hence supporting the theory of their Arab origin. They have a tradition of hospitality. They enjoy recounting numerous tales of valour related to their sons and fathers. Kodavus are the only people in India permitted to carry firearms without a license. The author has described the people of Coorg as a proud race of martial men and beautiful women. This makes the Coorgies unique from others.

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