Q.3. You are Neetu / Neelansh of Angel Public school, Delhi. You are concerned about the cleanliness in your school, as the students waste a lot of paper and do not use dust-bins properly. Write a letter to the Q. Principal of your school, highlighting the possibility of diseases and the dire need for creating awareness about the prevention of such diseases through informative posters in  the morning assembly and giving suggestions to maintain cleanliness in the school in about 120 words. 
You are Jaya /Ajay. After the recent earthquake, you feel that there is need to be aware and alert about natural disasters. You are sad to know that Man is responsible for these disasters due to his greed and carelessness. Write an article on 'Natural Disasters ' (about 100 -120 words) 

Q.4. Complete the following story in 150 to 200 words. Given below is the beginning of a story. Continue from this point and complete the story in about 150-200 words.

On a warm Sunday afternoon, when even the bees look sleepy, Ramesh was looking for his grandfather without finding him anywhere. Then he looked out of the window, he was surprised to see his grandfather....

These questions focus on developing your writing and creative skills. We recommend that you frame such answers on your own. However, a few pointers are given below for your reference:
Article on Natural disasters:

  • Natural disaster is an event that is caused by a natural hazard.
  •  It results in widespread loss to life, property, livelihood, environment, economic instability etc. 
  • A few examples of natural disasters include tsunami, cyclone, earthquake etc.
  • Natural disasters occur due to the over exploitation of natural resources which causes the imbalance in natural resources such as water, forests, environment etc.
  • Man is responsible for creating many disasters as nature can provide enough for 'man's need, but not for man's greed'.
  • We can mitigate the effect of natural disasters through proper conservation and preservation measures.
  • Disaster management is also essential.
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