​Q.3 3. dice are thrown simultaneously, then probability 35 (A) 63 x 3 6 70 63 x 3 6 There are 3 bags A, B & C. Bag A contains 1 Red & 2 Green balls, bag B contains 2 Red & I Green balls and bag C contains only one green ball. One ball is drawn from A & put into bag B then one ball is drawn from B & put into bag C & one is C & put into bag A. When this operation is completed, reen balls, is -

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We have 7 dices, henceTotal cases=67Now we choose 6 out of 7 dices arrange numbers 1-6 to them and on 7th dice,any of 6 numbers can come. HenceRequired Probability= 7C6×6! ×667=7×6×5×4×3×2×1×667=35×464=7063 3 Answer

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