Q 31:

31. h Which of the following molecule C-C bond length will be highest ? 
(A) CF3-CF3        (B) F2CH-CHF2           (C) FCH2-CH2F             (D) CH3-CF33

Dear student,

The above question can be answered on the basis of bent's rule which states that
A more electronegative element will increase the % p character in the orbital associated with it or a less electroneagtive element will decrease the % p character in orbital associated with it.

In the above question, as more and more number of F are attached to carbon, the % p character will increase in C-F bond thereby decreasing % p character in C-C bond, which will therefore decrease the bond length.

Hence if less number of F are attached, it means more % p character in C-C bond as compared to other cases, which will increase the bond length.

Hence the answer should be C.

Hope this helps

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