Q.32. A man sold a chair and a table for Rs. 2178, thereby making a profit of 12 % on the chair and 16 % on the table. By selling them for Rs. 2154, he gains 16 % on the chair and 12 % on the table. Find the cost price of each.

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Let the cost of chair be Rs xand cost of table be Rs  yA.T.Qx+12x100+y+16y100=2178112x+116y100=2178112x+116y=217800  ...1and also from question , we getx+16x100+y+12y100=2154116x+112y100=2154116x+112y=215400  ...2Multiplying equation 1 with 116 and equation 2 with 112 12992x+13456y=25264800  ...312992x+12544y=24124800   ...4Now subtracting equation 4 from 3, we get12992x+13456y-12992x-12544y=25264800-24124800912y=1140000y=Rs 1250Now putting value of  y in: 116x+112y=215400116x+1121250=215400116x=75400x=Rs 650

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