Q.4) Two satellites A and B revolve around a planet in coplanar circular orbit in the same direction with period of revolutions 1 hour and 8 hours respectively. The radius of satellite A is 104 km then find the angular speed of 'B' with respect to A ?

Dear studentT2=kR3 by kepler's lawr23r13=(T22T12)                              (r1=104; T1=1 hr; T2=hr)r2 = r1×(T22T12) 3=4×104 km   v1=2πR1T1v1=2π1041=2π×104 km/hv2=2πR2T2v2=2π×4×104 8=π×104 km/hrelative angular velocity =v1-v2r1-r2=2π×104-π×1044×104-104=π3 rad/hrRegards

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