Q.44 please answer

Q.44 please answer un erooesa transition rom energy eve to ectrum does this line lie? CLASS XI-SCIENCE (1 ).pdf orbit? Q39. e energy eve . 8:09 am w IC parto Calculate the velocity of electron in the first Bohr orbit of hydrogen atom. Q40. Calculate (i) First excitation energy of the electron in hydrogen atom. (ii) Ionization energy of the hydrogen atom. Q41. The ionization energy of is 8•72x 10-18 J atom-I. Calculate the energy of the first stationary state of Ll Q42. The ionization energy of hydrogen in excited state is + O • 85 eV. What will be the of the photon emitted when it returns to the ground state? energy Q43. To which orbit the electron in the hydrogen atom will jump on absorbing 12.1 eV of energy? Q44. If the energy difference between two electronic state is 214 •68 kJ mol¯l, calculate the frequency of light emitted when an electron drops from the higher to the lower state. Q45. In hydrogen atom, an electron jumps from 3rd orbit to the 2nd orbit. Calculate the wavelength of the radiation emitted. Q46. Calculate the wave number for the longest wavelength transition in the Balmer series of atomic hydrogen. Q47. Applying Bohr's model when electron in H atom comes from n= 4ton = 2,calculate the wavelen thof the line. In this ocess. write whether ene v is released or absorbed.

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