Q 5 Q9 and Q10:

​5. Cards marked with the numbers 2 to 101 are placed in a box are mixed thoroughly. One card is drawn from the box. Find the probability that the number on card is :
(a) A composite number less than 50        (b) An odd number greater then 85
(c) A prime number between 25 and 75     (d) An odd number between 30 to 45

9. At a fete, cards bearing number 1 to 1000, one on each card, are put into a box. Each player selects one card at random and that card is not replaced. If the selected card bears a number which is a perfect square greater then 500, the player wins a prize. What is the probability that.
(a) The first player wins a prize?
(b) The second player wins a price, if the first has already won?

10. A bag contains 18 balls out of which x balls are red.
(i) If one ball is drawn at random from the bag, what is the probability that it is read ball ?
(ii) If two more red balls are put i the bag, the probability of drawing a red ball will be times that of probability of red ball coming in pat (i) find x. 


total number of outcomes = 1000

favorable outcomes to win = {529, 576,625,  676, 729, 784, 841, 900, 961 }

number of favorable outcomes = 9

the probability that the first player win the prize =  .

the remaining cards = 999.

the probability that the second player wins a prize , (the first player has won)

 [since one winning card is already chosen by first player]

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