Q.6. Report the following sentences...
11. Danny said, ?I met her last year.?
12. The doctor said to the patient, ?you may stay in bed for a fortnight.?
13. ?Where is the post office?? Said the stranger.
14. ?How is the patient?s condition today?? I asked the doctor.
15. The Principal said to the girl. ?Did you attend school yesterday?
16. ?Please give me some food?, the beggar said.
17. ?Get your haircut immediately?, father said to me.
18. ?What a delightful scene!? said the tourist
19. The officer said to the peon, ?I will report the matter to the police?.
20. ?The sky is cloudy. Do you think it will rain?? she said to her husband.

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Danny said me that he have meet her previous year
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1. You said that it might rain.
2. The doctor told Meena that the change of climate would benefit her.
3. You told me that I was the youngest child in the family.
4. I told my brother that he was very kind to me.
5. She told me that she was helping me.
6. He said that he was a fine singer.
7. He told her that you are your own counsel.
8. I told him that he may take my car.
9. He told me that he wanted my help.
10. She told him that she didn't believe him.
11. The teacher told the boys that she shouldn't teach them the next day.
12. He told his wife that he should do whatever she liked.
13. He told me that he hoped to see me the next day.
14. They told us that our problem was not as great as theirs.
15. Ramesh said that the bell had gone.
16. My friend said that he will see me the next day.
17. Rohit?told me that he had met amit the year before.
18. She said that Meenu?was dancing.
19. She said that it was very hot that day.
20. He said that he was a student.
21. He said that I did my duty honestly.
22. The pricipal said that he wanted those boys to come that day to his office.
23. He said that that matter would be decided there and then.
24. I said that he could go then.
25. She said that man is mortal.
26. Mother said that god is present everywhere.
27. He said that India had won the match.
28. She told her brother that she was doing her work.
29. He said that all his faults would be pardoned if he confessed then.
30. He told her that he could not stay there any longer.
1. Krish asked Radha?when would she come back.
2. The boy asked that it was not the place they had come before.
3. She asked me if I could lend my book.
4. She asked Nikhil?where he had found it.

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