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Q 9 plz (iii) Cheques paid into the bank but not cleared up to 31st March. 2013 amounted to Rs 1,5L000_ (iv) Interest on investments collected hy the bank but not entered in the cash hmk Rs 5,000. (v) Cheques deposited in the bank but not entered in the cash book Rs 125,000. (vi) Bank charges debited in the pass book but not entered in the cash book Rs 1,000. 9. Prepare the cash book with bank column of Rahul from the following transactions 2013 Jan- Jan- Jan- Ian, 12 lan- Cash in hand Cash at bank deposited in bank Goods purchased and issued a cheque for the same Cash purchases paid commission by cheque withdrew from bank for private use Received from X in full settlement of his account Rs 60,000 half of the Amount was deposited into bank an the same day interest collected by bank Cash sales Mate rial fr Salaries paid Goods sold to Z & co Amt (Rs) 22.00000 6.00000 8.00000 25,000 2/10 received cheque from z & co after discount Of RS 3,000 Deposited the cheque received from Z & co into bank 10. Rectify the following errors (i) Credit sales to G Rs 10,000 were recorded in purchases hook (ii) Credit sales to G Rs I were recorded in purchases book. However, G's account was

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Cash Book
Date Particulars Cash  Bank Date Particulars Cash  Bank
(Rs) (Rs) (Rs) (Rs)
01-Jan Bal B/d 2,200,000 600,000 01-Jan Bal B/d    
03-Jan Cash A/c   800,000 03-Jan Bank A/c 800,000  
12-Jan X's A/c 60,000   04-Jan Purchase A/c   340,000
12-Jan Cash A/c   30,000 07-Jan Purchase A/c 160,000  
16-Jan Interest Received A/c   140,000 08-Jan Commission A/c   120,000
20-Jan Sales A/c 420,000   09-Jan Drawings    25,000
23-Jan Z & Co A/c   357,000 12-Jan Bank A/c 30,000  
        22-Jan Salary A/c 400,000  
          Bal C/d 1,290,000 1,442,000
    2,680,000 1,927,000     2,680,000 1,927,000

Note: 1. It has been assumed that salaries paid in cash. 


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