Q.9. Two capacitors of capacitance  C 1   a n d   C 2 are charged to a potential difference of V 1   a n d   V 2 respectively and are connected to an inductor of inductance L as shown in the figure. Initially key k is open. Now key k is closed and current in the circuit starts increasing. When current in the circuit is maximum

(A) charge on both the capacitors is same
(B) induced emf in the inductor is zero
(C) potential difference across both the capacitors is same
(D) electrostatic potential energy stored in both the capacitors is same

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the function of voltage v=V1+V2cosωtthe current lags by 90 degreewhen current is maximum the voltage across the capacitors will be zero .since they are in series charge on both will be same .option A is correct .when current is maximum the di/dt =0 as the slope of current in i-t curve is zero hence the induced EMF will be zerooption B is correctRegards

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