Q. ​A conducting rod moves towards right with constant velocity v in uniform transverse magnetic field. Graph between force applied by the external agent v/s velocity and power supplied by the external 
agent v/s velocity.. 

(l) Straight. line, parabola 

(2) Parabola, Straight line 

(3) Straight line, Straight line 

(4) Parabola, Parabola 

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let us consider coil PQRS as shown above.Area of coil=lx=Sflux =Blx=ϕdϕdt=d(Blx)dt=Blvenduced emf, e=-dϕdt=Blv(as x is decreasing)current in the loop is given by,I=εR=BlvRForec required is given by,F=BILF=B2l2vRhence Fv so the graph will be a straight line since power=force×velocityso Pv2 so the graph will be a parabolaHence the correct option is (1)Regards

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