Q ​A cylindrical vessel of height h and base area A is filled with water. A hole of area a is made at the bottom of vessel. If water is non-viscous then time in Which water flows out of vessel is 

1 )   A a 2 h g 2 )   a A 2 g h 3 )   a A 2 h g 4 )   A a g 2 h
Q Bernoulli's equation is a consequence conservation of
  1. Energy
  2. Linear momentum
  3. Angular momentum
  4. Mass

Pressure at bottomjust otside whole and top is equal to atmospheric pressure say P0 Let velocity at top be v1 and final velocity when water comes out be v2By equation of continuityAv1=av2v1=aAv2We know velocity of efflux, v2=2gh-dhdt=v1=aAv2=aA2gh-dhdt=aA2gh-dh2gh=aAdth0-dh2gh=0taAdt-h0dh2gh=aA0tdt-12gh0dhh=aA0tdt-12g×2hh0=aAt0t-12g×20-hh0=aAt-02hg=aAtt=Aa2hg

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