Q. A liner solenoid is made of a copper wire of diameter 0.4 mm . It has a length of 10 cm, diameter 1 cm and 1000 turns. If the two ends of the solenoid is connected to a battery of emf 2 V and current is sent through it, determine the magnetic field produced at the mid-point on the axis of the solenoid. Resistivity of copper = 1.76 X 10-8 ‚Äč Ω .m.

n= 10000 turn/m.r=0.3mm,L=10 cm, diameter=1 cm,emf=2VB=??, ρ=1.76*10-8 ohm.m.current through the solenoid.length of the wire=1000*2π*0.005resistance of the solenoid=ρlA=1.76*10-8*1000*2π*0.005π16*10-8=1.76*2π*516=3.455 ohm.i=23.455=0.58 A.B=μ0ni=4π*10-7*10000*0.58 =5.7*10-3 TRegardsDear student,


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