Q. Acute shortage of safe drinking water is an annual affair in your arms. Write a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of your district/ Mayor of the Municipal Corporation of your city drawing his/her attention to the problem and making suggestions for a permanent solution to the problem. Invent  all the necessary details.

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly refer to the Website to find the format of a letter.
  • I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the grave situation of acute water shortage.
  • The common man's life is in danger and need when there isn't sufficient water.
  • The misuse of water is one of the primary reasons for this.
  • There are many public places where the tap is left open for a long period and the water runs without care.
  • Many broken pipes on the streets let out large quantities of water, thereby resulting in its shortage.
  • Every drop of water wasted should be dealt with seriously.
  • Individuals must be fined for careless usage.
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