Q Anthropogenic actions have caused evolution of species. Explain with the help of two examples?

The modern dogs we see developed due to anthropogenic action, scientists have developed different types of bacteria like antibody resistant strains. Also, insecticide resistant pests have developed due to excessive use of pesticedes in farming.

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Excess use of herbicide, pesticide etc has only resulted in selection of resistant varities in a much lesser time scale. this is also true for microbes against which we use antibiotics or drugs against eukaryotic organisms.

This tells us that Evolution is not a directed process in the sense of determinism. It is a stochastic process with chances events in nature and chance mutations in organisms.

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Anthropogenic actions may be reffered to as actions that are caused due to human excessive interference with natural system . For example - Excessive use of chemicals leads to evolve resistant variety of microbes which leads to growth of pathogenic microbes and cause damage.
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Anthropogenic actions refer to the activities that are caused by human beings. The human activities like excessive use of herbicides, pesticides has resulted in the evolution and selection of only resistant varieties of pests. Also the use of antibiotics against pathogens have resulted in the development of resistant varieties of pathogens. These changes or evolution of resistant varieties by human actions have occurred in short span of time and not in centuries. Thus, these anthropogenic activities have hasten the evolution.

For example, the use of DDT killed maximum number of mosquitoes first time but few of them survived due to development of variation. These mosquitoes reproduced successfully in presence of DDT and lead to the development of new resistant variety of mosquito population. Thus, led to the evolution of new organisms in short duration of time.
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