Q. Arranged the following: -
  1. it depends on/ and living conditions / like/ circumstances/ a number/ of factors
  2. and give/ to all fellow beings / every human being / his instinct / due respect/ must respect.
  3. dignified life / everyone / so that/ liberty, equality and brotherhood/ all human beings/ one's due share of/ must get/ live a

Dear student,

a. Education is the foundation upon which our life stands.
b. Education helps us to get rid of ignorance.
c. is correct
d. It refines a person and makes him polished and polite.
e. It helps us to get over intolerance and teaches us to love others.

a. is correct
b. is correct
c. Forming a good character is not as easy as it sounds.
d. It depends on a number of factors like circumstances and living conditions.

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