Q. Complete failure of the anterior lobe of pituitary causes 
(a) Conn 's disease 
(b) Acromegaly 
(c) Cushing's disease
(d) Simmond's disease 

Dear student.

The correct answer is  (d) Simmond's disease.

Simmond  syndrome also known as Sheehan syndrome.

Causes- It is caused due to hyposecretion (undersecretion) of pituitary hormones. It occurs mostly during pregnancy, after parturition when excessive blood is lost from the body.

Symptoms include- 
(i) Absence of lactation.
(ii) Absence of menstrual cycle.
(iii) Intolerance to cold.
(iv) Weight gain.
(v) Hair loss and slow thinking.

Treatment- Pituitary tumours need to be removed if they are causing headaches, excessive hormone secretion etc. Administration of those pituitary hormones which are deficient.


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