Q. Complete the following passage by choosing the most appropriate option from the ones given below.

It was difficult (a) _____ (with/to/into) imagine how to (b) ____(could/would/may) lift the treasure chest (c) _____ (so/as/ because) it is really very heavy. He must be very powerful (d) __ (either/ neither/ and) tactful.

Q. Write the omitted words and also write before and after words.
Most of us are familiar with fact (a) 
that silk derived from the cocoons of (b) 
mulberry silkworms. However, insects (c)
like spiders, beetles and fleas produce silk. (d) 
Silk is mass produced by silkworms are reared (e) 
to produce white silk. 


3. a) to
b) would
c) as/because
d) and
a) silk is derived
b) However, other insects
c) fleas also produce
d) silkworms that are

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3.(a) to
  (b) would
 (c) as
   (d) and
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