Q.):-  Complete the following story in about 200 to 250 words.
It had been two hours waiting for the train.  Ruhi was getting restless, suddenly she----------------------------

She obseved thete something fishy is going on and she saw there someone was
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There can be many stories from this hint. for example:
1. she turned back towards her and observed that her luggage is not there.
2. she saw a strange person looking her continuously and coming towards her.
3. she saw a child who was playing very near to the railway track and a train is coming in full speed.
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                                                                                                  Moment at the station
Saw one of her friends walking by the stalls in the station. She walked upto her friend and started talking to her .There had been a announcement stating that the train from Karwar to Mangalore will be arriving shortly. Lost in her talks she ignored the announcement and continued with her talk. Actually she had been waiting for this train from the past two hrs. After the arrival of the train sandhya took it to be some other train and continued with her talk. After a while her friend told her that she was getting late and bid her goodbye. Sandhya looked at her watch and realised that the train was delayed by 3 hrs now. She grew more restless and decided to talk to the station authorities. When she inquired them she learnt that the train she had been waiting for had already gone and that she had missed it. This upset her. She asked the authorities again that whether there was any other train to Mangalore. They replied that there was one train at 6 pm but the arrival of the train was not sure due to the bad weather in the stations it covered . She sat there hoping for the train to arrive. Finally there was announcement at 5 stating that the train to Mangalore. This filled her with joy. When the train train arrived at 6. Sandhya was very happy and entered resolving that she would never ignore any announcement anytime in future and never show any sort of carelessness attitude.
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Ruhi had

been waiting at the station for more than two hours. She had become restless sitting

on her briefcase. Then she noticed a child begging at the platform. The child

appeared to be 6 or 7 years old. As the child came to Ruhi, and begged for something

to eat, Ruhi realized the child was wearing elegant and trendy clothes. Her shoes

also were quite clean. Her general appearance indicated she belonged to a

family of means. 

Ruhi asked

the child, ‘What do you want?’ ‘I am hungry’, said the girl. ‘I don’t know

where my mother has gone. I have been trying to find her for hours and now I have

grown hungry. Kindly give me something to eat.’


immediately took out a packet of biscuits from her bag and gave it to the

child. Then she took the girl to the lost and found department. There the

announcement was made concerning the lost girl. Ruhi’s efforts bore fruit.

Listening to the announcement, the child’s mother immediately reached the lost

and found department and as soon as she saw she hugged her daughter. She

thanked Ruhi for her help.


the train that Ruhi had been waiting arrived at the station. She boarded the

train and feeling happy continued her journey to her home.
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