Q. Consider the following statements and select the correct option stating which ones are true (T) and which ones are false (F) regarding binomial nomenclature. 
(i) The specific epithet can be single or compound and begins with a small letter. 
(ii) The name of the author is written in Greek script. 
(iii) The names of families and sub-families should be based on name of genus.

          (i)      (ii)     (iii)
(a)      T        F        F
(b)      T       T         T
(c)      F        F        T
(d)      T       F         T

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The name of the author is not written in Greek in binomial nomenclature.
The name of author appears after specific epithet. It is written in abbreviated form. For example: Mangifera indica Linn − described by Linnaeus.

Only statement (ii) is incorrect. Hence, option (d) is correct.
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