Q. Figure shows a small magnetised needle P placed at a point O. The arrow shows the direction of its magnetic moment. The other arrowsshow different positions (and orientations of the magnetic moment) of another identical magnetised needle Q. 
Q. In which configuration the system is not in equilibrium? 
Q. In which configuration is the system in (i) stable, and (ii) unstable  equilibrium? Explain.
Q. Which configuration corresponds to the lowest potential energy among all the configurations shown? 


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                      Here is no exteranal amgnetic field and assuming no thermal excitation hence a)any of configurattion except thses magnets either competely parallel to each other or directing opposite to each other it will be in equilibrium b)  1) when all the magnetic moments are paralle to each other  2) it would not  be in unstable equilibeium because thereis odd no of magnetic moment c) when all moments are in parallel direction potential energy willbe minimum.

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