Q. Find the Complement of the following angles 
  • 67
  • 49
  • 35
Q. find the supplement of the following​
  • 126
  • 38
  • 100
Q. frame three equation for the solution x = 5.
Q. Write the equations for the following statements:
  • The sum of number and 3 is 10.
  • 12 subtracted from a number is 23.
  • 5 times a number subtracted from 2 is 12.
7)Find the probability of the following events 
a) Getting a head when a coin is tossed, P(H)
b) Getting a red  bead from a packet containing 3 blue and 7 yellow beads, P(R).  
c) Selecting a girl from a group of 15 girls and 15 boys. P(G). 

8) Find the perimeter of the following
a) a rectangle ABCD in which AB = 15 cm and BC = 8 cm
b) a square PQRS in which PQ = 17 cm.
c) an equilateral triangle XYZ in which XY = 7.5 cm.

Dear student,

Section C1. a) 67°Let the other angle be 'x'x+67°=90°               --[sum of complementary angles is 90°]x=90°-67°x=23°2. a) 126°Let the other angle be 'x'x+126°=180°               --[sum of suplementary angles is 180°]x=180°-126°x=54°


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