Q. From the following particulars , ascertain the bank balance as per Pass Book as at 31 March ,2005:
(i) Credit balance  as per Cash Book as at March , 31 1998, Rs. 38,721. 
(ii) Interest charged by the bank Rs. 879 recorded in the Pass Book only.
(iii) Out of cheques worth Rs. 2,400 deposited for collection upto March 31,value of cheque collected so far Rs. 1,879 only.
(iv) Dividends on shares collected by bankers with no intimation to the shareholders Rs. 850.
(v) Out of cheques issued during the last week of March , cheques not presented for payment were Rs. 1,850.
‚Äč(vi) The bank had credited Rs. 200 on March 30,2005 which sum should have been credited to his Mrs'a/c.
(vii) Incidental charges debited by bank with no advice Rs. 20.

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