Q. Give reason for the following 
  1. Halogens act as good oxidising agent
  2. Electron gain enthalpy of noble gas is almost zero.
  3. Na and M g + have same number of electrons but removal of electron from M g + requires more energy.

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  1. Electronic configuration of halogen is ns2np5. To attain the noble gas configuration they need only one electron. Thus they always try to take one electron from other element, and oxidise them and reduce themselves.
  2. Noble gases have completely filled valence shells. Hence, their valence electron octet offers high repulsion to any incoming electron. As a result, they have high electron gain enthalpy.
  3. Because Mg+ have more protons so its internuclear force will be more (high nuclear charge) than that of Na and so Mg + requires more energy to loose its electron than Na.
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