Q. (i) If 150 cc of gas A contains X molecules, how many molecules of gas B 
will be in 75 cc of B? The gases A and B are under the same conditions of temperature and 
(ii) Name the law on which the problem is based. 

Q. Aluminium carbide reacts with Water according to the following equation: 
A l 4 C 3 + 12 H 2 O 4 A l   O H 3 + 3 C H 4
(i) What mass Of aluminium hydroxide is formed from 12g Of aluminium 
(ii) What volume of methane at s.t.p. is obtained from 12g of aluminium carbide? 
[Relative molecular weight of ‚Äč  A l 4 C 3 = 144 ; A l   O H 3 = 78 ]

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