Q. If a glass rod is rubbed with silk cloth, the glass rod acquires a positive charge of 12.8 C. Calculate number of electrons transferred. Which way these electrons move. Charge on electron = 1.6 x  10 - 19  C.
Q. What current flows in a resistance of 2kohm when 
(i) a p.d. of 9 V and
(ii) a p.d of 6 mV is applied one by one?

Q. What do you mean by electric potential. Explain it by taking the analogy to liquid flow and heat flow.

Q. A current of 5 mA flows through  C u S O 4  solution for 40s. How many Cu' ' ions  will deposit  on cathode of the apparatus?

Dear Student,
                     26. By ohm's law we have i=VR1)    i=92×103=4.5×10-3=4.5mA2)  i=6mV2×103=3μA
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