​Q.If father's blood group is B+ve and mother's blood group is A-ve, can the blood group of their first child be A-ve and the blood group of their second child be B-ve?

Dear student, 

The first and second child will have A or B blood group respectively, only if the mother and father have A or B blood group in  heterozygous condition respectively.
The positive or negative blood group is due to Rh factor. Rh positive means the person has Rh antigens on the surface of RBCs, for e.g- A+ve or B+ve . Rh negative means the person does not have ​Rh antigens on the surface of RBCs, for e.g- A-ve or B-ve.
So,​if the mother is Rh-ve and the father is Rh+ve, the child most likely would be Rh+ve. In such cases, the mother needs to be provided a drug known as RhoGAM, which protects the baby's red blood cells from being attacked by mother's antibodies.
Therefore, whether its the first or second child the blood group would be Rh+ve (A+ve or B+ve).


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