Q iii

Q iii 1 Read Oe bar graph and answer the tonowtng What the bar Hour rnany families have n f--k»w rnany couples have no child ? Which type of family is the most commone Of ' -'J

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From the graph x axis represent the number of members  in a familyand  y axis represent the number of families.Assuming that in each family there is husband and wife with children or without childrenFrom the graph we can easily say that 5 couples have no child because5 families are there which have only two members i.e husband and wife.

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do not ask for the answers for your homework
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please send the pic again it is not clear
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5 Couples
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i) The graph shows how many families have 2, 3, 4 or 5 family memebers.
ii) 10
iii) 8
iv) a 4 member family
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no one
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