In the system shown above, the body displaces by 2 m when 50 N face is applied to the string.
i. Work done by the applied force?
a. 20 N    b. 60 N      c. 30 N       d. 0 N

ii. Work done by tension on the body?
a. 20 N    b. 70 N      c. 39.2 N    d. 100 N

Dear Student, 

As given diagram the x component of the force applied will lead for the motion of the block.
                Given in the question, displacement = 2m.
 (a).  So, work done by the applied force =  force x displacement
                                                                = 50 x 2 
                                                               = 100 J

(b). work done by the tension force =  50 x 2 = 100 J

Your  Options are not correct , Please recheck your question and be a little specific so that we can provide you with some meaningful help.


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