Q. John got prize of Rs. 75,000 in +v contest. He paid 1/10 of the prize as the income tax. Out of remaining, he gave 1/3 to his son, 1/5 to his daughter, 1/10 to Red cross society, and the rest to his wife. What portion of the prize did John's wife get and how much?

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Money paid to income tax=110of Prize money=110×75000=Rs7500Remaining money=Prize money-Money paid to income tax=Rs75000-7500=Rs67500Money John gave to Son=13×67500=Rs22500Money John gave to daughter=15×67500=Rs13500Money John gave to Red Cross=110×67500=Rs 6750Remaning money=Remaning money after income tax-Money John gave to Son-Money John gave to daughter-Money John gave to Red Cross=Rs67500-22500-13500-6750=Rs24750Money John's wife got=Rs24750Portion which John's wife got=Money John's wife gotPrize money=2475075000=33100

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