Q)name type of energy in raised hammer?

Q) when an arrow is shot from a bow, it has kinetic energy. From where does it get the kinetic energy?

Q) a ball is thrown vertically upward. Give the energy transformation? What type of work positive, negative or zero is done by the gravitational force?

Q) a spring which is kept compressed by typing its ends is allowed to dissolve in an acid. What happens to the kinetic energy?

For the first three parts, please refer to the answers provided by @Ajita_Gupta.

(iv) Here, as the spring it being dissolved in the acid, the kinetic energy possessed by it would be converted to chemical and heat energy.

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  • raised hammer has potential energy.
  • from potential energy of bow, arrow gets the kinetic energy
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a)Potential Energy

b)First there is elastic potential energy,stretching of the string of the bow,which then gets converted into kinetic energy of the arrow

c)When the ball is thrown upwards it has kinetic energy as it is in motion.As it goes higher the kinetic energy of the ball gets converted into gravitational potential energy.

Since the gravity of the earth pulls an object downwards and the ball is going upwards (opposite direction) The work done is negative

d)Question appears to be wrong

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