Q.No 11

​Q11. N ranks fifth in the class S is eight from the last. If T is sixth after N and just in the middle of N and S, then how many students are there in the class?

   (A) 23                                                                (B) 24

   (C)                                                                     (D) 26

Ans is A. Below given is the reference to the answer.

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no of students in the last including s =8
no of students in 5 positions in the top including n=5
t has six students more after n=6
students between t and s=2
students between s and n=3
total students =25
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Sorry the above one is for 12. Do 11 the answer is B.
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Please find this answer

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I need the solution for Q.No 11.
Correct answer is 24
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