Q no 81 please answer it fast

Q no 81 please answer it fast its direction. how much time was bY the boat to ,70. Find the speed or river (1) 4 km/h Now, ifinstead Of6 km they have (2) 2 km/h (4) 1 km/h -ind met at 8 km from point P, find the speed of river (3) a km/h 80. Three ships A, B & C are in motion. The of A as seen by B with speed v towards - east. The motion Of B as seen by C is With speed v towards the north - west. Then as seen by A, c WN moving towards (1) North (3) East South 81 Men are running in a line along a road with velocity 9 km/hr behind one another at equal distances of 20 m. Cyclists are also riding along the same line in the same direction at 18 km/hr at equal intervals of 30 m. The speed With Which an Observer must tra he also meets a cyclist is vel along the road in opposite direction of so that whenever he meets a runner (1) 9 km/h (3) 18 km/h (2) 12 km/h 82. A man holding a flag is running in North-East direction with speed 10 mis. Wind is blowing in east direction with S 50 rn/s. Find the direction in which flag will flutter. South (3) West st Noth Paragraph for Questi Number 83 to 85 Raindrops are falling with velocity 1 m/s making an angle 450 with the vertical. The drops appear to be fail vertically to a man running with constant velocity. The velocity of rain drops change such that the rain drops now apv be falling vertically with times the velocity it appeared earlier to the same person running with same

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