Q. Please explained from below lines.

"Whilst bloody treason flourish'd over us. 
O, now you weep; and, I perceive, you feel 
The dint of pity: these are gracious drops. 
Kind souls, what, weep you when you but behold 
Our Caesar's vesture wounded? Look you here, 
Here is himself, marr'd, as you see, with traitors. "


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Given below is the answer to your question.

Antony addressed the mob and tells them that the disloyalty of Brutus and the conspirators have triumphed over the people of Rome. He assumes that there is a pity feeling in the people and consider that the people are shedding graceful tears for their ruler. He shows them the robe or the cloak that Caesar was wearing and the blood stain on it, assures the people of the wound on his body. He asks the people to decide what they want to do to the people who have killed Caesar.

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