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Experts I have completed the chapters of vistas and flamingo for CBSE class 12 board examination. I am confident i can answer now every questions of 3 and 6 marks, but i start to wobble when it comes for grammatical error. Though it doesnt make much you can take an idea from this question, if i made a lot. I want my grammatical error to be reduced or zeroed to score good. I cant go through books or content available on site. I just want you to advice me how to practice or get a hold on reducing the mistake of grammar while writing answers and to impress the examiner.

Dear Student,

You can try the following to reduce grammatical errors:
  1. You should clear your concept of every topic in grammar.
  2. You should practice writing as well as speaking the language on a daily basis.
  3. Attempt as many grammar questions as you can, keep a tab on what kind of mistakes you usually make and then try to improve in that area.

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You should read extensively. 
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You will get a hold of the language as well as you will get to know new words which you can use to impress the examiner. 
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you just have to say the sentence out loud when you want to check for grammatical errors...
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