Q. Political parties.... Examples.
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Political parties need to face and overcome a number of challenges in order to remain effective instruments of democracy. Write about any two of such challenges while citing appropriate examples.

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  • Lack  of internal democracy-In political parties power is concentrated in the hands of one or few top members of the parties.Ordinary members of parties are denied of the information regarding the works inside the party.Due to this the leaders of the party get more powers to take decision in the name of party.
  • Role of money and muscle power-As the focus of political parties is to just win election and come in power anyhow.Therfore parties nominates those candidates who have lots of money to spend .Wealthy people and companies tends to influence the policies and decisions of the political parties.

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Brainly.in What is your question? 1 Secondary SchoolPolitical science 5 points Political parties need to face and overcome a number of challenges in order to remain effective instruments of democracy.write about any two such challenges while citing appropriate examples Advertisement Ask for details FollowReport by Nandanas 14.12.2017 Answers Raju2392 Raju2392Ace All over the world, people express-strong dissatisfaction about the performance of the political parties. In order to remain effective instrument of democracy, political parties need to overcome some challenges. These are (i) The first challenge is lack of democracy within parties. All over the world, there is a tendency in political parties towards the concentration of powers in one or few leaden at the top. Parties do not keep membership registers, do not hold organisational meetings and do not conduct internal elections regularly. (ii) The second challenge is dynastic succession where the top positions of a party are always enjoyed by members of one particular family. This trend is harmful for other members of the party as well as for democracy. This tendency is present in some measures all over the world. (iii) The third challenge is about the growing role of money and muscle power in parties which is specially observed during elections. Rich people and companies who give funds to the parties always have a say on the policies and decisions of the party. (iv) The fourth challenge is that very often parties do not seem to offer a meaningful choice to the voters. In our country, the difference among all the major parties on the economic policies have reduced. Sometimes, the same set of leaders keep shifting from one party to another, thus people have no option available to them
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